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Hattie Gustafson wishes are once again fulfilled!

The Hi-Line Health Foundation has reason to be proud of the most recent success story while fulfilling Hattie’s Gustafson’s wishes!

The late Mrs. Hattie Gustafson provided an endowment, which makes possible this medical loan. Hattie and her husband farmed north of Rudyard all of their adult life. The Gustafson’s had no children, but were very active and interested in the community. Mr. Gustafson died some years before Hattie, of a long illness. During which time, Hattie had considerable contact with the healthcare professionals in the Hi-Line area. As time went on, Hattie herself was in need of extended medical care making her increasingly aware of the need for more and better-trained medical personnel in this area. When Mrs. Gustafson died in 1991, she left a substantial endowment, which is now known as the Hattie Gustafson Medical Loan.

This loan has helped a significant number of people from Liberty and Hill Counties to gain an education, in the medical field. By returning to our communities to be employed for two years their loan is forgiven.

Liberty Medical Center has been blessed by having Shirley Morkrid returning to be employed as a Registered Nurse, after completing her degree from MSU Northern program! Shirley wrote this in her thank you to the Foundation Board. “After making the major decision of returning to school to obtain my degree in nursing, I had to figure out how I was going to accomplish this financially. My husband and I knew that we did not want to be overwhelmed with paying back student loans once I had accomplished my goal. Fortunately, I heard of the Gustafson loan through members of the Hi-Line Health Foundation. This generous loan not only eased the financial burden of paying tuition, it literally made it possible for me to achieve my dream of becoming an RN. How fortunate we are, in this community, to have such a valuable resource for those seeking higher education.”

Alexa Lipp Christian has completed her pharmacy education at the University of Montana, and returns to Hill County to begin her employment with Healthmart Pharmacy. This quote from Alexa exemplifies the true principle of Hattie’s goal in establishing her endowment. “I am anxious to be working as a pharmacist in my hometown and to promote positive health outcomes in our community and extended community. I hope to implement the newest pharmacy practices that I have learned in school and to stay up-to-date on new medications and changes in the medical field. I have truly been blessed with a wonderful education and it would not have been possible without the help of this scholarship.”

The future looks bright for the medical needs of our communities as we have students in Dentistry, Pharmacy and Physical Therapy, as well as Registered Nurses! Our past is also filled with several medical people who also got the boost in their education from the Gustafson Medical Loans. Thank you Hattie!