Our mission is to support and contribute to assure the availability of quality health care services on the Hi-Line

These most recent improvements were made possible by contributions that allowed us to be partners with others who are caring and compassionate people who provide support for the services atLiberty Medical Center. Thanks to you all!

Ophthalmic burr tool
Ear wash system
EKG machine
Otoscope desk set
Laptop for physical therapy
Refurbished telemetry unit
Sit to stand lift
Computer screens for providers
ER cabinets
Dragon training and software (dictation software)
Outdoor chair for WCE
Up to date software subscriptions
Christmas gifts for residents
Waiting room chairs
LMC outdoor/indoor signage
Rocking chair
TV for activities room
Flags for clinic exam room doors
Spotify music subscription for dining room
WCE sign and foyer update
Finger traps for ER
Manual blood pressure cuffs
Employee appreciation week support
Loan repayment assistance for employees
Vital signs machine-long term care and WCE