Base Fund

Base Funds

All donations that the Foundation receives go towards the base fund unless they are designated for a specific project. The base funds are never spent, but invested for future generations.

In 1988 when the Hi-Line Health Foundation was formed, THE MAIN goal was to establish a $1,000,000 base to draw interest. Only the interest from the base funds (not base funds)- would be spent to support and contribute to the Liberty Medical Center AND to assure quality health care services on the Hi-Line. These base funds are monies contributed by YOU to the Foundation in the form of gifts, bequests, family memorials, and the two annual fundraisers: the membership drive and the Trip-of-the-Month campaign. The Foundation Board is ecstatic to report GOAL met! $1,000,000 has been achieved! This has been made possible by all the generous people and many organizations who have contributed to this success.