The Hi-Line Health Foundation Board of Directors would like to thank the North Star Honor Society members for their help with their annual membership mailing for 2013.

The Foundation’s annual membership drive is a major source of income. It is these funds, which allows us to maintain and contribute to the Liberty Medical Center. We strive for assurances of availability of quality health care services on the Hi-Line.

Thanks to North Star’s Society‘s Advisor; Pam Renaker; we appreciate your leadership role in showing the students the importance of community service.  The following North Star National Honor Society student’s efforts are greatly appreciated; Kali Kapperud, Kaleb Fleming, Tanicha Hudson, Crystal Meister, Paij Peterson, Abbigayl Ridgeway, Sarah Human, Laci Lane, Kay Stockdill, Katelin Harvey, Dylan Miller, Peytan King, Lily Pederson, Jewel Wicks, Thatcher Smith, Sheridan Spicher and Christian Blackwell.

A special thank you to Bev Halter and April Nerat for delivering the mailers to the students and returned the mailers back to the Foundation.  All your help is great appreciated.

"Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well." - Voltaire