Trip of The Month

The Hi-Line Health Foundation Board would like to thank all the community members for their continued support of healthcare. We conduct two annual fundraisers; year-end annual membership drive, & the Trip of the Month. The income generated from both the membership & trip draw campaigns are invested in our base funds. The base funds are never spent but invested for future generations.

 The interest from the base funds & memorial funds from caring & compassionate people allows us to be partners in providing & maintaining needs for the advanced medical services at Liberty Medical Center. We also assist Hi-Line organizations with programs that promote health concerns.

October Winners:

 Dublin, Ireland:  Colin and Julie Lybeck

Gift Your Way:  Dick and Sue Hansen

Cash Prize:  Margaret Meissner


 Santa Fe, NM:  Glenn and Lori Wolfe

Gift Your Way:  Cass Muro and Joyce Newman

Cash Prize:  Kurt and Ashley Matkin


Maui, Hawaii: LaNay White

Gift Your Way: Rod and Inez Keith

Cash Prize: Elton and Shawn Byxbe


Two Airline Tickets:  Helen Brannon

Gift Your Way:  Chad and Davilyn McCormick

Cash Prize:  Marlene Rocks


Arizona Cardinals Football:  Ken and Betty Gilbert

Gift Your Way:  Kord and Kelcey Ramberg

Cash Winner:  Rod and Jean Oraw


Sanibel Island, FL-Brian and Jeri May

Gift Your Way-Marlene Rocks

Cash Prize-Gordon and Mary Standiford


Playa del Carmen, Mexico-Rusty and Tracy Cowan

Gift Your Way-Jackie Ludwig

Cash Prize-Martin and Laurie Lyders



Disney World:  Sylvia Jensen

Gift Your Way:  Weslee Rockman

Cash Prize Winner:  Betty Jean Wolfe



Chicago Cubs Baseball:  Don and Joanne Weir     

Gift Your Way:  Tom Osterman     

Cash Winner:   David and Julie Miller



Victoria, BC:  Ryan and Devan Van Dessel

Gift Your Way:  Helen Brannon

Cash Prize:  Todd and Denise Wanken