Wall of Honor

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Our mission is to support and contribute to assure the availability of quality health care services on the Hi-Line

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Wall of Honor

   How does a person become part of the Foundation? Anyone who makes a contribution becomes a member. You become a member if you give a gift to our membership drive, purchase tickets for out annual benefit or give outright gifts such as memorials. Donations are cumulative and once the sum of twenty five hundred dollars has been given, the donor will be honored on the wall on our "Train of Thoughtfulness." The display depicts activity of the agricultural community in which we live and has been placed on the wall by the x-ray department at Liberty County Hospital. The corral of compassion, listing all the names of the donors at the first level, surrounds the prairie windmills at the five thousand dollar level and the grain trucks at the ten thousand dollar level. Donors who have given at the twenty-five thousand dollar level and the fifty thousand dollar level prestigiously adorn the top of recognition wall with the grain bins and grain elevators.